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Drabble: To Every Coin

Pairing: Naesala/Reyson; implied Tibarn/Reyson

Rating: PG

Warnings: None, really.


Author's Notes: Okay, so I finally figured that with all the complaining I do about how few alt pairings there are for FE, I ought to try writing one or two. And I'm glad I did; this was fun to write. I really like Naesala. ^__^


To Every Coin


They call him shameless, arrogant, greedy- and he doesn’t mind the words.

They’re his best qualities, he’s always thought; he’s spent his life polishing them up and putting them on display like the shiny bits of gold he holds so dear.

He’s always known that every coin has two sides, after all; he keeps one in his pocket, just to remind him. And no one understands as well as Naesala that shameless can be fearless, that arrogant means his smirk is wide enough to make his enemies second-guess their estimations.

As for the last, well- no one ever got anything without grabbing for it two-handed. Not money, not power, not love. That’s the way the world works, and that’s the way Naesala likes it.

And if it just so happens that he’s been a bit more bent than usual on rounding up a different kind of gold, who’s to know the difference? What matter, after all, if that greed’s stretched just a bit further than before- shows up in the intent behind a crooked eyebrow, the lingering of hands on pale shoulders, the not-so-subtle flirting that puts the hawk king up in arms.

And if his blatant tongue were to talk a certain estranged heron prince right into his bed- well, really, who’s to care?

There’s all manner of treasure in the world, after all- and Naesala, for one, is clever enough to snatch up whatever comes his way.

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